All-In-One Dugout by Smokit


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When you want a discrete smoking kit that is ready for your active lifestyle, you’ll love our take on the classic one-hitter dugout. The Smokit was engineered to give you everything you need for a great smoke on-the go. It’s discrete size is easily carried in standard pockets, purses, or clutches, making it the perfect smoking companion for concerts, travelling, weddings, or just your average day. At some point, every smoker has been stuck away from home, without the ability to get the quick hit they need. Make that inconvenience a thing of the past by ensuring you are always ready to get a smoke in, wherever you are.

Award-winning design gives this all-in-one smoking kit everything you need for a great smoke, all in a package you don’t have to leave at home. The Smokit is made from premium materials that will give you a long service life and quick smoking sessions when you need them the most. With a little practice, even a beginning smoker can use it for a quick hit.

Getting the most out of your pipe is natural. Just grind your material, and use the serrated tip of the included pipe to pack it. You’re ready for a smoke, and with the help of the poker, your kit will be ready for the next time. Take a look at how versatile and easy using the Smokit is.