Ancient OG / Cookies in the Sky Infused Preroll Pack by Hash Bone (22.89% THC)


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Indus Holding Co
Brand Name
Hash Bone


Each pack of HashBone Minis comes with 5 .5G prerolls Ancient OG is an indica-dominant descendent of Snow Lotus, and provides a stress-relieving, uplifting experience. Cookies in the Sky is a hybrid relative of GSC, known for its euphoric effects. This Minis blend is rich in limonene – a citrus-scented terpene that dissolves stress and anxiety. True to both strains, this hybrid HashBone boasts hints of citrus and pepper. Made with 75% Ancient OG flower and 25% Cookies in the Sky cold water bubble hash, each potent .5G hash-infused pre-roll provides a relaxed and happy high.