HVY Grand Tincture: Acapulco Gold 1000mL by Heavy Hitters


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Heavy Hitters
Fluids Manufacturing


HVY Grand, the world’s heaviest tincture. Weighing in at 1000MG THC in a 1 liter bottle, HVY’s signature cannabis experience is crafted using Liquid Trichomes (TM), a proprietary single-strain nano emulsion infused with Acapulco Gold terpenes. The result is a fast-acting, full body high, with a bright, uplifting character. With natural notes of citrus, grapefruit and ginger, HVY is best served over ice, or mixed with your favorite drink.

1L (33.81 FL OZ) | 1000mg THC (Bottle) | 10MG THC (Serving) | 100 Servings Per Bottle