Lime Frosting by Maven Genetics (28.54% THC)


Category: SKU: EAF5PRO1
Maven Genetics
MVN Productions LLC


Another exciting collaboration with Happy Dreams Genetics, Lime Frosting is the sister phenotype of Vanilla Frosting. These dense nugs display shades of green contrasted with violet hues, clusters of fiery orange pistils, and a shining white coat of glistening trichomes. Gassy and piney notes due to its Humboldt Reserve OG lineage are complemented by citrusy and fruit forward notes, showcasing a balanced expression of its Humboldt Gelato father and Humboldt Frost mother. Lime Frosting simultaneously provides heavy relaxation and a zing of mental stimulation. A euphoric, yet lucid mental state keeps the mind agile while physical effects relieve the body and melt away any tension.